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We Catch Up With This Month's 'Local Produce' Act...

As one of Australia’s most talked about up-and-coming acts, this month's 'Local Produce' artist, Melbourne based rapper 360, is an underground-reared emcee that has transcended the hip-hop genre with his game-changing album ‘Falling & Flying’.

We caught up with the 'Boys Like You' hitmaker to talk about how he got into making music, the importance of Social Media and where he finds his inspiration...

MTV: Hey 360! So tell us a bit about yourself, how did you first get into the hip hop scene?

360: I started rapping when I was about 14 or 15…I was really sh*t for a while and it took a fair while to start getting any talent at all. I entered battle competitions, started to get a little bit of a name in Melbourne just in the underground scene, recording songs, it just slowly built up from there. Then I met Pez, we were playing basketball together, and we did a song called ‘The Festival Song’ on his first album, and that was our first really majorly successful song. It’s just been constantly growing since, so it’s been awesome.

MTV: You have a massive presence on Social Media - how did that come about, and how important is it to you as an artist?

360: I’ve always been a real internet addict from a young age, like I was always using MySpace and sh*t like that, just back in the day when it wasn’t even about music....then it moved over to Facebook and I got more serious about music…I was always using it, and then that kind of took off, and it’s at 180,000 likes, my Facebook page, which is great.

The stuff like Rapper Tag [360’s YouTube-based rap battle game] I mean it’s always been organically these ideas have formed, I’ve never tried to think of something and gone ‘oh let’s think of an idea that could go viral.’ So I just started it and then bang, it took off. Everything seems to happen naturally, but I think it’s really important to keep open to ideas, it’s good.

MTV: You recently finished your ‘Falling & Flying’ tour, how was that?

360: It was amazing... Every show was sold out, it was just really, really overwhelming the response from everything ‘cause we didn’t really put that much promo into it, and to have a sell out for my first national headline tour was just incredible.

MTV: Where do you get your inspiration for your tracks?

360: I find I write my best stuff when I write from personal experience or something like that, just anything that I feel like I need to get off my chest. That’s the stuff that comes out the fastest - songs like ‘Child’, songs like ‘Boys Like You’ were all written amazingly fast. It just comes out.

MTV: We’ve heard a lot of different influences in your music - indie, electro, dubstep – if you could do any other genre apart from hip hop, what would it be?

360: I really wish I could just sing, and sing on the same kinda skill level as someone like Cee-Lo Green or Daniel Merriweather or someone like that. I’d probably like to sing songs like The Beatles and try and write songs like that, just to have the talent they have with their vocals and the vocal control is something that I’m really envious of, but I’ve just gotta use what I’ve got and go with it!

MTV: And finally, have you got any New Year’s resolutions?

360: To stay sober. To be happy, and just make the most honest and most powerful music I can possibly make.

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360 - Boys Like You (Feat. Gossling)