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50 Cent Is Released From Hospital After Car Crash

“He’s Doing Fine,” Says The Rapper’s Rep…

50 Cent is out of hospital and recovering from a nasty car crash in New York on Monday night.

According to ABC News, the rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, was treated for "minor neck and back injuries," but is now "doing fine."

“Curtis ‘50 Cent’ Jackson was involved in a car accident in New York early Tuesday morning,” his spokesman told ABC News.

“He was taken to New York Hospital Queens, where he was treated for minor neck and back injuries. He was released Tuesday morning and is doing fine.”

The crash is said to have taken place on NY’s Long Island Expressway when a Mack truck rear-ended the star’s SUV, causing it to almost flip over. Following the incident, the truck driver involved reportedly police that he lost control of the vehicle.

The G-Unit rapper wasn't behind the wheel of the vehicle at the time, but his driver was also taken to hospital.

This news follows the rapper’s health scare last month, when he was hospitalised for a blockage in his small intestine.

At the time, the ‘In Da Club’ star, who was infamously shot nine times back in 2000, posted a series of photos on Twitter, including one with him surrounded by cuddly toy animals.

"Eminem called and said, "Man you been shot nine times, don't f*** around and die over a burger... he cheered me up when I was feeling uncomfortable." 50 tweeted from his hospital bed.

50 Cent’s fifth album ‘5 (Murder By Numbers)’ is due hit the shelves on July 3.

Written by Jennifer Fletcher