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Alicia Keys Announces New Album ‘Girl On Fire’

“I am SO Excited!” She Gushed…

Taylor Swift isn’t the only chart-topping female artist to announce her new album this week!

Just a day after the country singer unveiled details of her upcoming record ‘Red,’ fellow songstress Alicia Keys has revealed her long-awaited release is well on it’s way!

Chatting about her fifth album, entitled ‘Girl On Fire,’ the ‘No One’ star told fans on her official website,

"I'm in the studio right now working away on my new album and I am SO excited!!! I'm ignited!!!”

Explaining the concept behind the name of the new record, the soul superstar, who will be performing at the ‘2012 Video Music Awards’ next month, added,

“It is called Girl on Fire!!! And that's exactly how I feel!!!

“You'll be learning more about it soon... but let me just say before making this record, in some ways I felt like a lion locked in a cage...I felt like a girl misunderstood that no one really knew, I felt like it was time to stop making excuses for any part of my life that I wanted to change. Once I made that choice I became a Girl on Fire, the lion broke free!!"

And while she kept tight-lipped on a release date, she teased that more news is on its way.

"Stay tuned for more,” she wrote. “In the meantime, thank you for all your love, strength and support. Alicia, A Girl On Fire!!!!"

Written by Sophie Barnett