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Ashlee Simpson To Dump Pete For Reality TV?

Papa Hates Pete Wentz.

Imagine the scenario. One of us (relatively) normal people is dating Fall Out Boy pin-up Pete Wentz (that includes you, too boys ...he claims to have kissed a few!). Putting aside the fact that perhaps dating Pete would mean you are never normal, let's still pretend.

So you're hanging out around town. But Dad doesn't like him. What do you think he would he do, in "real dad" world?

Well, poppa might make Pete feel unwelcome to family bbqs, or flat out ban you from having him over for slumber parties.

But Ashlee Simpson is not a girl who mingles in the mere mortal stratosphere. When her dad doesn't like someone, he tries the Reality TV tack.

According to OK! Magazine, Ashlee's manager and poppa, Joe Simpson, seems to be neglecting sister Jessica's anonymity for the moment, and is turning his attention to the more popular Ashers. Specifically, the Baptist minister wants Ashlee to dump Pete, so she'll be single and fancy-free for a proposed reality TV show, where (originally) 14 guys in a house will compete to date Ashlee.

The twist? There is none! Except perhaps that anyone would compete to date Ashlee, with a father as weirdo as that.

Ashlee's father reportedly believes that Ashlee starring in the show would help promote her second album "Bittersweet World", which is due to be released in the US in March this year.

But it's not the first time Joe's been reported to have a bent against Pete. Sources reported at the end of last year that Pete wasn't allowed to a Christmas dinner with the Simpsons, because he'd given an interview claiming to have kissed a man.

Still, it's hardly clear that reality TV is the answer for Joe. Big sis Jessica's career did a huge nosedive after her appearance in Newlyweds, when she was exposed as a forgivable bimbo for thinking fish was chicken, and an unforgivable one when she left the likeable Nick Lachey. Could the same happen for Ashlee?