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Review: Azealia Banks At Splendour In The Grass 2012

Short Set Aside The Hot Hip-Hop Hoodlum Is Still One To Watch

Arguably one of the most anticipated acts performing at 'Splendour in the Grass 2012', Azealia Banks filled the tent and them some at the Mix Up stage on day three of the festival.

Backed by a DJ and two dancers, the hottest name in hip-hop hurried through her set which was just long enough to give Aussie fans a taste of her raw talent.

Sampling tracks from her debut EP '1991' and her latest mixtape 'Fantasea', the rapper ripped through rhymes including Zebra Katz' 'Ima Read, 'Barbie Shit', and 'Bambi'.

Introducing her final song for the set, she confessed, “this is my first time in Australia … this last song is probably the only reason you guys know me!”

As the beat to her hit '212' filled the air, the crowd went cray cray. But the craziest part was when the c-word screaming, barely controllable mass realised the scheduled hour long set was over in just 25 minutes.

After a near miss as a flying beach ball almost took out the petite star mid-set, it was technical difficulties that cut her first ever Australian show short. Azealia later explained on Twitter this was a result of using “the festival's equipment and it wasn't the best gear!”

It was a whole lot of hype for such a short show, but Miss Bank$ is definitely still one to watch. If she’s anything like fellow female pop star of the moment Lana Del Rey who also received negative reviews after a few shaky first performances, once Azealia Banks has some time to perfect her live show no doubt she’ll be back bigger, bolder and more boundary pushing.

Written by Elise Vout