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Travis Barker’s Wish To Fly To Australia!

The Blink 182 Drummer Hopes To Overcome His Fear Of Flying With A Trip Down Under

Blink 182 star Travis Barker has opened up about his fear of flying and revealed that he’d love to one day head back to Australia!

The drummer was involved in a horrific plane crash back in 2008 which killed four people, and reveals that he is still haunted by the accident and hasn’t been on a plane since.

“I’m contemplating getting knocked out and getting on a plane to Australia. I want to overcome that eventually," he told The Red Bulletin.

"When I do, I think it’s going to be Qantas. They never had a crash, never had a fatality — knock on wood,” he added.

The band were last here eight years ago for their ‘Blink 182 Tour 2004.’

Meanwhile, the rocker says that he feels that he is holding the group back because of his reluctance to step on a jet.

“I’m not flying, so it’s hard to say what the band could do or what its potential is, because I can’t really get everywhere,” he admitted.

Travis caused speculation that the ‘All The Small Things’ rockers will be touring here next year when he posted a photo of them playing at ‘The Eden Project’ in the UK on Instagram and a fan commented on the picture, saying,

“Hey, there’s this place called Australia that would love to see you guys too…..”

Travis then replied,

“[Bandmembers] Mark [Hoppus] and Tom [Delonge] will be there in Feb of next year but with a full (sic) in drummer cause I don’t fly. Sorry brotha.”

Fingers crossed Travis overcomes his fears and heads Down Under soon!

Written by Jennifer Fletcher