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Review: Bloc Party At Splendour In The Grass 2012

The Three Time SITG Veterans Bring Home Day Two

The boys from Bloc Party are no stranger to the madness that is 'Splendour in the Grass 2012', making the trip out from the UK for the third time to play at the Aussie festival. Happy to return to familiar stomping ground, band frontman Kele Okereke yelled to the crowd "Good Evening Splendour!" as if to an old friend.

Opening with new song '3x3' the band followed with a fast paced slew of hits pumping out 'Mercury', 'Hunting For Witches' and 'Positive Tension', the strobe lights relentlessly animating the confident London indie rockers.

The band's perfect set was a mix of older classic tunes spliced in with newer material including tracks from their upcoming album. The crowd went wild as the intro beat for 'Banquet' took fans by surprise launching the entire Supertop tent into a bouncing dance floor, screaming "I'm on fire"!

Returning for an encore the band revved the crowd shouting "Don't be a pussy Splendour in the Grass! Show us what you're made of!" before launching into self proclaimed fight song 'Ares' then mixing in Rihanna's 'We Found Love' to the intro of 'Flux' and finally raising the roof one last time with 'Helicopter'.

Retaining the ever present Bloc Party swag, Kele thanked the audience saying "We have been Bloc Party, and you have been awesome!" before lobbing his guitar to side of stage and taking a final bow with his band mates.

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Written by Joshua Duncan