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Supafest Review Part II

Ludacris, Trey Songz, T-Pain, and Chris Brown Took To The Stage ...


Ludacris energetically brought new life to the stage as the sun began to set on 'Supafest 2012' in Sydney.

Wearing a puffy olive vest, sunnies and blinged out to the max, he kicked off with ‘Act A Fool’. Accompanied by Lil Fate and DJ Infamous, the rapper told the crowd they had “come all the way from Atlanta, Georgia” to play for real fans.

To test the crowd they played a slew of his earlier songs including ‘Southern Hospitality’ and ‘Area Codes,’ before really getting the party started with some more recent chart topping collabs like ‘Yeah’ (with Usher) followed by ‘Break Your Heart (with Taio Cruz), ‘Tonight (I’m F**kin’ You’)' (with Enrique Iglesias) and ‘All I Do Is Win’ (DJ Kahled). Continuing to test his fans he then played his first ever single ‘What’s Your Fantasy,’ before finishing the set with ‘Move Bitch.’

The absence of a set list kept the crowd guessing, so when Trey Songz came on he brought the big screams as he hit the stage with his live band.

He emerged from a smoky curtain wearing a purple leather jacket, plain white t-shirt, sunglasses and Nike high tops, sending the crowd wild as they recorded his soulful performance with cameras and phones.

Lupe Fiasco joined him on stage, this time wearing a black suit jacket, for ‘Out Of My Head.’ Girls screamed for him to “take off your shirt” as he rolled off hit after hit, including ‘Neighbors Know My Name’, ‘Can’t Be Friends’, and ‘Love Faces’. Finally his fans got what they’d be asking for as he ripped off his singlet in a rock star climax finishing with the bass thumping ‘Bottoms Up’.

T-Pain brought colour to the Supafest stage as he beatboxed and boogied with his team of dancers, while waving around his dazzling knuckle duster style microphone. “Everyone put your towels in the air,” he commanded before launching into ‘Take Your Shirt Off’ and the crowd followed his instruction. Then, losing his trademark sunnies and his beloved auto-tuner, he performed some a capella songs reminiscent of Stevie Wonder.

Next, he broke back into some beatboxing, before launching into a few more of his many hit collaborations, including ‘Blame It’ (Jamie Foxx), ‘Low’ (Flo Rida) and ‘All I Do Is Win’ (DJ Kahled). The chart topper then ended his set with an epic rap about his career and the state of the rap game right now as a silent stadium listened on before cheering their support as he left the stage.

Patient punters who, after over 10 hours of festival fun, were eager to see headliner Chris Brown do his thing, counted down his arrival along with a time on the big screen. After non-stop cheering and all phones and cameras in the air, he finally appeared, wearing jeans, a pink trucker cap and purple Run DMC Adidas singlet. Accompanied by his crew of dancers, he kicked things off with his first single ‘Run It!’.

It’s no secret Breezy is a crazy good dancer, and he didn’t disappoint as he moved to perfection for his hordes of adoring fans. Girls with homemade posters screamed for him to take off his top as he showed off his athleticism, while performing his controversial recent single ‘Birthday Cake,’ that he recorded with ex-flame Rihanna.

Next, he performed a megamix of his hit songs before heating things up with ‘Body 2 Body’ and ‘Wet The Bed’, ripping off his shirt and giving a lap dance to a model seated onstage.

Then he jumped offstage, splashing the lucky front row of the ‘Bling Ring’ with water from his bottle. More fireworks, strobe lights and smoke enhanced a crowd favourite performance of ‘She Ain’t You’ before he was joined on stage by Big Sean for ‘My Last’ and their latest release ‘Till I Die’ (also featuring Wiz Khalifa).

Breezy then kicked into ‘Deuces’ and ‘Look At Me Now’ before another costume change. Returning to the stage wearing a white shirt and jeans, the stadium cheered as he did a standing full 360 back flip before launching into the heavily auto tuned ‘Forever’.

A united crowd sang along to ‘Yeah 3x,’ jumping and clapping as more fireworks lit up the stage. ‘Beautiful People’ and ‘Turn Up The Music’ got a tired crowd pumping before Breezy took off his shirt for the last time, throwing it into the crowd as he launched into one last show of break dancing before the night was officially over.

Written by Elise Vout