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Eminem Hospitalised For Heart Complications

Health Problems Plague Rapper During 2007

Eminem has hit the headlines after being hospitalized over the Christmas season. But it wasn't drugs or alcohol for the white boy.

Rather, he was sent to hospital after contracting a more serious heart condition, arising from a bout of pneumonia.
The episode comes on top of a whole host of health problems which have reportedly plagued the once-Slim Shady rapper this past year. Did you notice that he hasn't been around for a while?

Sources suggest that Eminem has blown out to over 200 pounds (that's around 90 kilos) as a result of his long-term illnesses... now that's one puff daddy.

Eminem last spoke to MTV on 12 September last year, when he talked about his label, Shady Records. At the time, he stated "It feels good right now, the energy of the label. For a while, I don't wanna go back to the negative stuff. ... Going through some personal things, coming out of those personal things, it feels good."

Nonetheless, Shady Records only produced one EP last year; by new artist Cashis. The long-delayed debut of Atlanta spitter Stat Quo still has not been released, and D12 members have pursued solo projects, like Bizarre's independently released Blue Cheese & Coney Island
Let's hope that now Eminem is back at home and recovering, he can get back his mojo for 2008.