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East 17 Talk Touring Australia!

“We Are Very Excited,” Says Singer Tony Mortimer…

There’s just over a week to go until East 17 return Down Under!

And from the sounds of it, the band are ALMOST as stoked as we are for their Aussie tour to kick-off!

“We are very excited,” member Tony Mortimer told Spotlight.

“We have a lot of memories from Australia so we are very looking forward to be back there.”

And for those of you lucky enough to have nabbed tickets to their local shows, the singer, who’ll be joined on our shores by bandmates John Hendy and Terry Coldwell, promises all the classics!

“They can expect mostly old songs,” he added.

“We really want a good old school sing along with them and have a really good time there.”

But, as well as belting out crowd pleasers like ‘It’s Alright’ and ‘Stay Another Day,’ fans will also get a glimpse at some brand new material.

Chatting about their new record ‘Dark Light,’ Tony said,

“This album is really what we are now in our heads, towards live music and I think it is the right decision to make instead of basing it all on the old stuff.”

Written by Sophie Barnett