This country boy's moving to the big city! If there's one place a chemically imbalanced terror like Trevor Phillips can call home, it's the lunatic asylum of Los Santos.


XCOM's expansion Enemy Within comes packed with new weapons, items, maps, enemies and more! Find out what to expect in this in-depth walkthrough with Lead Designer Ananda Gupta.

Some helpful hints for wannabe-snipers in ArmA III.

What's the status of Creative Assembly's latest strategy epic?

Discover more about Watch Dogs than you ever thought possible. Hacking, combat, driving and more are all revealed in this brand-new gameplay demo.

Geoff Keighley asks Infinity Ward's Mark Rubin about Call of Duty: Ghosts' biggest innovations for multiplayer.

Straight from PAX, here's nearly two minutes of gameplay and details from EA's roleplaying juggernaut.

We took a first-hand dive into Black Flag's dangerous waters.

Does this remake of the 1992 sci-fi platformer honor the past or tarnish its memory? Find out in our review of Flashback.

The third installment in the Lost Planet series is a prequel, so EDN III is no longer a paradise, but a planet of ice, snow, and hostile aliens. Is the game itself as inhospitable ...

Delays and platform changes can't hold back the limbless hero!

Ubisoft tries their hand at a turn-based RPG, with beautiful aesthetics and a fairytale-like story.

Are these hallways an endless frustration? Check out this new gameplay trailer for The Stanley Parable.

Available on the App Store, this retrospective on Hitman Absolution features an intriguing look at the early ideas and concepts behind the development of the game.

Infinity Blade III brings vastly expanded environments to explore, deeper RPG elements, and enhanced multiplayer features in the conclusion to the series.

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