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Charlotte Talks Vicky And Ricci’s Wedding!

“I Just Think It’s Really Soon,” Says The Geordie Shore Star…

Do we sense a bit of jealousy Charlotte?

After her on-off relationship with Gaz failed to last, the Newcastle lass seems to have become cynical when it comes to love in the ‘Geordie Shore' house.

Chatting about her co-stars Vicky and Ricci’s recent engagement, the brunette told Bang Showbiz,


'I just couldn't believe it. It didn't sink in and I don't think it still has. I just think it's really soon, they've only been going out with each other for about six months.”

But, while she admits that the bride and groom-to-be seem “dead happy” following the former ladiesman’s proposal in Cancun during Season 3, Charlotte was shocked that Vicky actually said yes!

“I told Vicky that I didn't think she'd say 'yes' because she's quite mature and sensible and that's the last thing I thought she would do.”

And while the loved-up couple confessed to Now magazine that they’re unsure whether or not they will remain in the house once they finally tie the knot, Charlotte clearly thinks it would be bad idea.

“I definitely don't think they would be able to stay in the series - it would be pathetic. It would be stupid. Marriage is the start of a new life and their marriage would be a bit of a joke if they were still on Geordie Shore.''

Well, after last night’s antics on episode one of the new Season of Geordie Shore, perhaps she should be worrying more about her own stay on the show!

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Meanwhile, catch up on all the latest Cancun chaos in the video clip below…

Written by Sophie Barnett