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Geordie Shore

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Gaz Snubs Char!

The ‘Geordie Shore’ Star’s NEW Crush…

The ‘Geordie Shore' Season 2 finale saw Newcastle’s answer to Romeo and Juliet - Gary and Charlotte - declare their love for one another.

But it seems their Shakespearean romance has lasted about as long as Vicky’s patience!

The lothario, who sensationally told viewers, “I love Charlotte and she loves me,” appears to have taken a fancy to Irish model Pamela Ryan instead.

According to the, the self-confessed “Geordie pulling machine,” flirted up a storm with the pretty blonde at Dublin hotspot Hush over the weekend.

"Gaz just kept asking her out, he was really full-on and coming onto her the whole night,” a source told the

"There were dozens of girls in the club trying to take pictures with him and get close to him, but it looked like all he wanted to do was hang out with Pam."

And apparently, the man with the famous parsnip has had his beady eye on the 20-year-old beauty for a while…

"He tweeted her saying he couldn't wait to meet her and was looking forward to a good night out, she couldn't believe that he even knew who she was," added the source.

But, sadly for Gaz, it seems Pamela wasn’t keen on being his banker – or anything – for that matter…

"He's a really nice guy, a charming gentleman, but he's just not my type,” she told the

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