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Geordie Shore Vicky: “I Snapped In Cancun!”

The Reality Star Opens Up About Fights With Fiancé Ricci...

They’re currently preparing to walk down the aisle – but ‘Geordie Shore' fans are about to see a much darker side of Vicky and Ricci’s relationship!

Chatting about their turbulent Cancun romance in Season 3, Vicky told

“Ricky pushed me to me limits and I ended up snapping, as I have a tendency to do.

“I snapped in spectacular fashion. It’s quite harrowing actually.”

But, now with the loved-up pair planning to wed, following Ricci’s shock proposal in Mexico, the bride-to-be says she’s far from proud of mouthing off.

“My anger is embarrassing in hindsight,” she added.

“We say some things we don’t mean. I say some things I do mean. There’s a lot of pillow throwing.”

Meanwhile, it seems that biting her tongue with her beau isn’t the only thing the reality babe is struggling with!

Opening up about her life as a celebrity, she told Showbiz 411,

“Together [Ricci and I] can’t go anywhere without it being like, ‘Can I have your photo, can I have your photo, can I have your photo?’ and it’s like, it’s such a big compliment and it’s really flattering, but at the same time it’s just completely exhausting.

“There are times when I think, right I can’t even face going out!”

Don’t miss Vicky and Ricci in ‘Geordie Shore’ Season 3 every Tuesday @ 8,30pm on MTV Australia!

Written by Sophie Barnett