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Geordie Shore's Holly Wants Another Boob Job!

“They’re Completely Sagging,” She Says After Dropping Three Dress Sizes…

Her fiery red locks may help her stand out from a crowd - but ‘Geordie Shore’s’ Holly says she’s missing her trademark big boobs after her dramatic weight loss!

According to Now magazine, the 20-year-old, who famously nicknamed her beloved 32FF assets Heidi and Audrina after her favourite stars from ‘The Hills,’ is desperate to go back under the knife after dropping three dress sizes.

“Since I've lost all the weight my boobs have just gone horrible - they're completely sagging,” she told Now magazine.

“With my first operation, I went from a 32D to a 32FF.

“It was a big change. But they've gone down to a DD now.

“It's not about the size increase - I'm probably only going to go up to an E - it's about them looking lifted.”

And the Newcastle lass is hoping that a perkier bust will help her when it comes to picking up fellas too.

“I hardly ever pull lads any more,” she added. “It’s made me a lot more shy.”

Don’t miss Holly and co in ‘Geordie Shore: Chaos In Cancun’ Tuesdays @ 8.30pm on MTV Australia

Written by Sophie Barnett

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