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MTV Meets Sophie And James Down Under…

Don’t miss the premiere of Geordie Shore Season 2 tonight (Tuesday February 7) @ 8.30pm on MTV!

Wey Aye Man it's Geordie time!

After months of anticipation, the tans, tantrums and tashing-on antics are finally BACK!

And what better way to get us super pumped for the premiere of ‘Geordie Shore 2’ tonight (Tuesday February 7) @ 8.30pm on MTV, than by meeting two of the show’s craziest cast members Sophie and James!

Bringing their mortal madness all the way from Newcastle to Oz, MTV caught up with the twosome to talk Season 2 drama, their hot new looks and stalking Leonardo DiCaprio Down Under…

MTV: Welcome to Oz guys! So, first up, what can fans expect from Season 2 of ‘Geordie Shore?’

Sophie: Us Geordies are very gobby, we always speak our minds, so there’s a lot of drama that happens!

James: Everything that happened in Season 1, it’s like that but times two. We all know each other really well and we all know what makes each other kick off and so we wind each other up a bit. And the fact that these new people come into the house, it just mixes it up completely. No one expected a new girl to come in, she came in full of hell and loads of drama and it just went wild.

Sophie: When she came in she was like, ‘You are all jealous of us.’ She’s only 18 and she’s really confident, but she’s quite immature. She came in the house and mixed everything up and we were like, ‘Whoa what’s going on here?’

MTV: James you’ve had a bit of stick for your lack of lady loving on the show…

James: I don’t struggle when it comes to girls, I’m just picky. I’m not going to sleep with just anyone.

Sophie: It’s quality, not quantity.

James: It’s all about quality not quantity, I always say that.

MTV: So, do we see more action from you in this season?

James: Yeah, yeah I meet a few decent girls.

Sophie: Then the girls get obsessed with him.

James: Yeah honestly they turn into stalkers, they fall in love with us. I must be doing something right!

MTV: Sophie, you’ve undergone quite a transformation since we last saw you…

Sophie: I’ve lost a stone since series one and it has been hard but I’ve just learnt to cut out things. When you’re in Geordie Shore you just constantly drink. You drink everyday and then you’re hungover so you eat crap. So when you’re away from that you get your own me time and get to eat nice food.

James: You get to do a big detox. Honestly when you’re filming it's just crazy.

MTV: And you’re both sporting new hairdos…

Sophie: Yeah James has got the comb over and I’ve realized that blondes do have more fun!

James: I’ve gone for the slick rick look (laughs). I definitely like my new hairstyle.

Sophie: I’m thinking about going a bit blonder, but I don’t know.

MTV: If you could tash-on with any celebrity who would it be and why?

Sophie: Is Leonardo DiCaprio still here?

MTV: Yes. We hear he has the whole penthouse at The Star casino.

James: He’s staying where we’re staying!

Sophie: I’m gonna run up and down the hall shouting his name. Is he really still there? I’m a little bit starstruck. OMG I’m staying in the same hotel as Leonardo DiCaprio! I’m gonna tweet him.

MTV: Leo aside, who’s been the coolest star you’ve met?

James: I’ve met the Hoff! We’ve met loads and loads of celebrities but he’s one person we were star struck with.

Sophie: He didn’t understand a word we were saying.

James: He knew about Geordie Shore though.

Sophie: Yeah the Hoff that was probably the best one we’ve ever met.

MTV: So how do you rate Aussies compared to your fellow Geordies?

James: I’m digging the Aussie girls, like. They really look after themselves, they’re really perfect.

Sophie: Yeah they’re gorgeous. I think Aussies compare to Geordies quite a lot in the way that they’re dead friendly and very welcoming and so are Geordie girls and boys. We’re very friendly, anyone can come and is welcome in our town and things like that and I think that Aussie people are the loveliest people I’ve ever met.

MTV: So would you like to film a season of ‘Geordie Shore’ here one day?

James: Oh definitely. I couldn’t think of anywhere better to film one.

Sophie: Just imagine it! Forget Italy, forget France. We’d take over!

Don’t miss the premiere of ‘Geordie Shore’ Season 2 tonight @ 8.30pm on MTV!

Meanwhile check out snaps of Sophie and James Down Under and keep up with all their Aussie antics on Twitter #GEORDIESONTOUR