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Is ‘Geordie Shore’ star Gaz jealous over Charlotte’s ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ win?

Scotty T sure thinks so…

‘Geordie Shore’ star Scott Timlin has revealed that he’s proud as punch over his cast mate Charlotte taking the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ crown last weekend, but admits he’s not so sure Gaz feels the same way!

Scotty T revealed to MTV News UK this week that he thinks Charlotte’s former flame could be “a bit jealous” of her triumph, because it means she’s now more popular than he is.

“Everyone’s proud! Apart from Gaz, he’s probably a bit jealous ‘cos she’s got more Twitter followers!” shared the star.

“But yeah he’s still proud of her though, he’s just probably bothered ‘cos she’s more popular than him now.”

Scott went onto say that while there were a few celebrities in the house that didn’t always see eye-to-eye with the bed-wetting beauty, he’s proud of her for staying true to herself.

“I know a lot of people find it hard to accept her and like her … but at the end of the day you can’t hate someone for being themselves,” he explained.

And it looks like Scott would definitely be putting his hand up for a stint in the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house if he were given the chance.

“Yeah 100% … a lot of people love me for who I am and I’d like the opportunity for people to see a lot more!”

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