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Courtney Attacks Fan!

Hole Songstress Slags Off Foo Fighers And Threatens Fan For Holding Up Kurt Pic!

Apart from a few ill-timed rants about her estranged daughter Francis Bean, Courtney Love has been pretty quiet of late – but that all changed last weekend during a performance where she blasted a fan brandishing a photo of her late husband Kurt Cobain and slagged off Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl for “taking money off my kid's table”!

According to, the troubled songstress raged to the surprised punter holding a pic of Kurt at SWU Festival In Brazil, "I don't need to see a picture of Kurt, a**hole, and I'm going to have you f**king removed if you keep throwing that up."

"I'm not Kurt – I have to live with his shit, his ghost, his kid every day. Throwing that up is stupid and rude and I'll beat the f**k out of you if you do it again."

The 'Celebrity Skin' hitmaker then stormed off stage - but not before she added, "Go see the f**king Foo Fighters and do that sh*t."

After a few minutes she returned to the stage after her guitarist Micko Larson got the audience chanting, "the Foo Fighters are gay."

Just before their encore, Courtney told the crowd, "I don't care what you listen to at home, but if a guy takes money off my kid's table, f**k him."

Was Courtney right in blasting a fan for holding up a pic of Kurt? Let us know what you think by commenting below! Meanwhile, see more of the trash-rocker in the vid below…size="2">