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2012 MTV O Music Awards!

The Flaming Lips Take On Jay-Z, Plus Rihanna, Justin Bieber AND More Receive Nominations…

The ‘2012 MTV O Music Awards’ are back again!

And it looks like the digital show, which is famous for its Guinness World Record attempts, just might break another as The Flaming Lips’ are embarking on a quest to perform the most live concerts in 24 hours!

Determined to smash Jay-Z’s record, after he performed seven live gigs in different locations back in 2006, the band’s frontman Wayne Coyne told MTV News,

"I've accepted the attempt at breaking the world record of performing eight shows in 24 hours. To play and sing Flaming Lips songs at eight in the morning, well ... I'm open to new experiences.”

The band will start off in Memphis and then head south to New Orleans, playing gigs with a bunch of local musicians along the way.

Meanwhile, Rihanna has picked up a nomination at the event - which honours artists, fans and innovators that drive and change digital music - for ‘Best Artist With A Camera Phone’ alongside teen idol Justin Bieber and Kreayshawn.

Also bagging a nod are Radiohead, who are up for ‘Digital Genuis Award’ against Gorillaz, and alternative rock band OK Go.

And rockers 30 Seconds To Mars have received a nod for ‘Best Online Concert Experience.’

Other artists nominated at the bash are Nicki Minaj, One Direction Taylor Swift and MC Hammer.

O Music Awards kicks off on June 27!

Meanwhile, for the full list of nominees CLICK HERE!

Written by Jennifer Fletcher