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Jersey Shore 4 OMG Moments!

We Count Down The Five Biggest Shockers From Season 4...

It’s the reality show that’s world famous for dramatic bust-ups, make-ups, tantrums, wild times and melodramatic meltdowns – and just when we thought the fist-pumping show couldn’t possibly get any juicier, this season, the cast of 'Jersey Shore' took their antics to the birthplace of the culture they love and live by – Italy!

Despite the cast’s initial misgivings about the impact their new location could have on their beloved GTL routine, our guidos and guidettes made sure they served up the drama thick and fast!

We count down our favourite Season 4 OMG moments from Jersey Shore

Meatball Problems…

Being kicked out of the club? Meatball problems! Burning your kooka in the jacuzzi? Meatball problems! From Snooki’s police drama to Deena dancing her “underwears” off, the tanning, poufing, pouting, leopard-print rocking meatballs made sure there were plenty of drunken antics (and everything else!) on display to keep us entertained. And let’s not forget the time when two meatballs became one… Luckily, the long-suffering JWoww and her maternal instincts were on hand to help with everything from pregnancy scares, to chasing AWOL boyfriends, to stopping the Meatballs from grinding up against a glass wall – sans underwear…

“Where’s My Boyfriend?!”

For Snooki, being away from her lover Jionni was like a world with no fried pickles… And after weeks apart, Snooks was ecstatic when hef boyf finally flew into Italy. But it only took a skimpy outfit, a few drinks (or 10) and a blowout bigger than Pauly D’s hair for Jionni to disappear into the night, and for Snooki to collapse into hysterics. Once again, it was up to Jwoww to dish out some pretty harsh love advice to Snooks over her turbulent relationship. Meanwhile, one persistent flatmate saw it as his chance to win her over, but Snooki found comfort in the arms of someone else!

Mike VS Ronnie

Usually it’s the girls that bring the drama in the shore house – but this Season, the guys dished up plenty of drama-soaked moments, with Mike at the centre of the Situation! The war had been brewing ever since The Snitch ratted out Ronnie to Sam two seasons ago – and this season saw the epic conclusion to the battle. But despite some furious furniture throwing and tough words, Mike got KO'd by the wall before it could really kick off. Ronnie: 0, Mike: 0, Wall: 1. It was enough for Sammi to say she's done... for good this time... until next time.

Deena Pulls The Robbery

Is she or isn’t she? That was the burning question this season when it came to Deena and her female friendly extracurricular activities! When she wasn’t pulling the “robbery” from Vinny and The Situation – the loud-mouthed brunette looked no further her housemates to play tonsil tennis – which included nookie with Snooki! And while the 'Walking Holiday’s on screen pashes and flirtation with her ‘bi-curious’ side was brief, she made sure she left NOTHING to the imagination! Deena’s explanation? “I’m not a lesbian, but when I get drunk I like to kiss.” Fair enough!

The Roomies Turn On The Situation…

He’s been at the centre of almost every drama-filled controversy over the last four seasons – so it was no real surprise when finally, the whole house turned on Mike and his ‘Snitchuation’ tendencies. Mike promptly held himself a pity party and threatened never to return to seaside. This time, the roomies served up an ultimatum – either apologise, or leave the house. Will they accept his heartfelt apology, and will Mike ever change his ways?

You’ll just have to tune in to Season 5 to find out!

What was your favourite Jersey Shore Season 4 moment? Let us know by commenting below! Meanwhile, check out what the cast have to say about the biggest moments from the season in the reunion episode below!

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