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Jersey Shore’s Ronnie Drops His First Single!

Check Out The Reality Star’s Music Debut…

‘Jersey Shore’s buffed-up guido Ronnie has officially crossed over into the music business by releasing his very own song!

The new track called ‘How The F%#k We Gettin' Home?!’ features Jaylyn Ducati and Modo, and will hit iTunes next week.

But, luckily the reality star has given fans a sneak preview

“Remix my new single and let me know what you think,” he tweeted with a link to his hot new release.

Ronnie, who has been touring with DJ Fingaz on the ‘Jersey Laundry’ club tour, revealed that he’s wanted to get into the music industry for a while.

“I have been considering DJ’ing. I did it for a little bit. I was doing it in Canada after the third season,” he told MTV Australia back in March.

He also dismissed rumours that there’s rivalry between him and his co-star DJ Pauly D.

“No I don’t think Pauly D’s got competition. Pauly’s at a different level. This is something he’s been doing since he was freakin’ like 17 years old, he’s just signed with 50 Cent, so Pauly’s at his milestone God bless him,” he added.

Ronnie’s currently back at Seaside Heights getting ready to film Season 6!

Don’t miss Season 5 of ‘Jersey Shore’ Wednesdays @ 9.30pm on MTV!

Meanwhile, catch up on all the latest drama in the video clip below…

Written by Jennifer Fletcher…

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