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JWoww Talks About Snooki’s Pregnancy!

The Jersey Shore Star Reveals Her Reaction And Also Speaks Out About The Situation…

JWoww has admitted she was taken by surprise when co-star Snooki told her she was pregnant on the hit show ‘Jersey Shore.'

In an interview with CNN, the reality star reveals how Snooki broke the news to her,

“She kinda makes a joke out of it.. I was completely shocked. I was like what are you talking about? I look at her like a little sister.. My jaw dropped.”

She then went on to admit her concerns for their spin off show in Jersey City.

“I screamed. Not only is she pregnant but she’s engaged. I go in with this one sided mind set. I just want to go out and party and have a great time. It was like I hit a brick wall.”

JWoww also talked about The Situation , who revealed last month that he was taking steps to “get control of prescription medication problem,” saying that he is feeling much better.

“I haven’t seen him, because we were filming when he went in. But I have talked to him and everyone I’ve spoke to who has talked to him says he’s so happy and enlightened. He’s Fresh. It’s like Mike being back to being his old self.”

The reality star also went onto to say that she’s thrilled with President Barack Obama’s decision to support same-sex marriage,

“I’m excited about it. The more the merrier. I want everyone in the same playing field.”

Written by Jennifer Fletcher

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Meanwhile, catch up on all the latest drama in the video clip below…

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