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MTV Presents The Valleys!

The Brand New Reality Series Will Premiere In Australia This October...

We've already been left open-mouthed by the crazy antics from the ‘Jersey Shore' and ‘Geordie Shore’ gangs – and now it’s time to head to Wales for MTV’s hot new reality show ‘The Valleys.’

The brand new series, which will premiere on MTV Australia this October, will see nine youngsters plucked from deep in the heart of the South Wales countryside and thrust into the hustle and bustle of Cardiff to follow their dreams.

Swapping their quiet and picturesque village life for an exciting new start in the big city, the cast will live together in a house kitted out with cameras to capture every moment of their new lives!

Kept on track by bosses and acting mentors Jordan and AK, the group will be shown the ropes to help them finalise their career ambitions, while lapping up their new found freedom.

But, will a glamorous life away from home in a plush new pad with a bunch of new house mates STILL manage to distract them from reaching their goals?

Find out when ‘The Valleys’ premieres on MTV Australia in October!

Written by Sophie Barnett