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Pauly D’s Feud With Deadmau5!

The 'Jersey Shore' Star And Music Producer Go Head-To-Head…

So it doesn’t look like a collaboration is on the cards just yet for Pauly D and Deadmau5!

The Canadian House music producer blasted the ‘Jersey Shore' star after he posted the visuals on his Twitter for his latest music video ‘Night Of My Life’, asking his followers, “so how do you like the video?”

“Well since you asked, i didn't really enjoy it. it looked like it cost about $150 to make, and nothing really creative about it," the outspoken artist remarked.

The record spinning reality star then accused Deadmau5 of “hating” him.

"T-Shirt $40 Jeans $120 Hair Gel $12 Being Hated On By Deadmau5 #Priceless," Pauly tweeted.

But, Deadmau5 assured Pauly that he was just giving out some friendly advice.

"Hating? the f--k? you clearly don't know me enough if you thought that was 'hating'. was just some friendly-ish advice," he responded.

Pauly isn’t the first artist that the ‘The Reward Is Cheese’ star has slammed on Twitter. He recently accused Madonna of allegedly referencing Ecstasy at a concert.

The Queen of pop then tweeted a cute picture of herself wearing mouse ears and explained that she would never advocate the use of illegal drugs.

Written by Jennifer Fletcher

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Meanwhile, catch up on all the latest drama in the video clip below…

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