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Snooki’s Baby Shock

“Obviously, It Wasn’t Planned,” Says The ‘Jersey Shore’ Star…

When Snooki signed up to be in her very own spin-off show alongside her partner in Seaside crime JWoww – having a mini-me meatball was the furthest thing from her mind.

But now, the ‘Jersey Shore’ star is ready to take the world inside her whirlwind pregnancy, promising to show fans “everything!”

Dishing the deets on her hot new reality project, she told MTV News,

“It just so happens that I got pregnant while [we were filming].

“Obviously, it wasn't planned, so it was a surprise. But you'll see on the spin-off, my first trimester, me telling all my friends and just everything that's going on with the first trimester."

And while we can’t wait to join the mum-to-be as she swaps partying for pregnancy, we’re certainly not the only ones!

"I was very excited [when we found out],” added her co-star JWoww.

“I don't know if was more excited for what's to come or the fact that we finally moved in together."

Meanwhile, don’t miss Snooki and JWoww in Season 5 of Jersey Shore every Wednesday @ 9.30pm on MTV!

And catch up on all the latest drama from the house in the video clip below…

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