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Snooki’s New Reality!

She Wants To Raise Babies On TV…

We’ve seen her get arrested TWICE, make out with her meatball BF Deena,
and flash her bits from Seaside Heights to Florence.

But ‘Jersey Shore'
fans prepare yourselves for the most shocking Snooki
drama EVER!

After falling head over heels in love with her perfect gorilla juicehead Jionni,
the reality babe has revealed plans to raise the couple's future offspring on TV!

“I wanna get married at 26, I wanna have babies and then I want to have my own reality show of raising guido babies,”
she told The Wendy Williams Show.

But one thing’s for sure, her co-star The Situation isn’t in the running for godfather…

“Mike is disgusting,”
added the pint-sized star, who fell out with The Sitch after he spread rumours about their alleged hook-up.

“He treats women like they are a piece of garbage and he’s just gross when he refers to women.

“I would never date Mike. I would rather cut my legs off than date Mike.”

And while she clearly doesn’t feel bad about arguing with the ladiesman in Italy, she DOES wish she could turn back time on her smooshing sesh with Vinny.

When asked about her biggest regret from Season 4, the reality babe confessed,

“Probably sleeping with Vinny.”

Don’t miss Season 4 of Jersey Shore
tonight @ 9.30pm on MTV!

Meanwhile, check out a sneaky peek at all the Italian drama to come tonight in the video clip below…

MTV News - Meatball Problems