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Snooki’s NOT Dancing!

The Jersey Shore Star Sets The Record Straight…

She may be the Queen of cartwheels at Karma and ‘beating the beat up’ at Bamboo, but it seems we’ll have to wait a while longer before seeing 'Jersey Shore’s Snooki trip the light fantastic on ‘Dancing With The Stars’.

The ultra-bronzed reality star told Jay Leno on the ‘The Tonight Show’ that despite rumours to the contrary, no one actually approached her about appearing on the US programme!

“There were all the rumors and stuff saying ‘Snooki will be on Dancing With the Stars’ but they never asked me,” she told the TV host.

When Leno mentioned her fist-pumping cast mate Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino, who has already appeared on ‘DWTS’, Snooki scoffed that unlike him, she was actually a good dancer! Ouch!

Things have become increasingly awkward between the two after The Sitch claimed they hooked up a few months before the gang headed to Italy – an allegation the pint-sized guidette denies.

But the ‘Jersey Shore’ star was quick to add she’s keen to appear in any future dancing shows.

“I feel like I’m too busy to do it because I have all my products coming out, but obviously in the future I definitely want to dance.”

And speaking of Snooki’s merchandise, she has a new perfume hitting the shops. Snickers admitted to Leno that when she was creating the signature scent she even tried experimenting with her fave snack - pickles!

“It smelled like pickles and grass and it was just gross” she admitted, but in the end she opted for something “flirty and bubbly” like her personality.

Would you like to see Snooki busting moves on the dance floor? Let us know by commenting below..

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