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Taylor Loves Jersey Shore

“I’m A Reality TV Fan,” She Says...

We’ve never had her down as the fist-pumping type – but it turns out Taylor Swift is a secret guidette at heart!

Despite her pale complexion, the country songbird shares some common ground (literally) with the ‘Jersey Shore’ crew thanks to spending most of her early days down near Seaside Heights!

“I grew up on the ‘Jersey Shore,’ my childhood was so fun,” she told the Jay Leno show.

But, the ‘Love Story’ star insists her experience was far less wild than what we’ve seen from The Situation, Snooki and co…

“People are like ‘ were partying and tanning and stuff…but I grew up on these cosy little towns and stuff, it’s a different place than the TV show.”

But that hasn’t stopped her from becoming a fan of their outrageous antics!

“I have [watched it] before,” she confessed. “I watch MTV constantly.”

“I watch reality TV shows A LOT, so that makes me a reality TV fan!”

Don’t miss Season 5 of ‘Jersey Shore’ when it premieres Wednesday March 21 @ 9.30pm on MTV!

Meanwhile, relive all the latest drama from the fist-pumping crew in the video clip below…

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