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Snob Scrilla: “I’m not the next Akon”

Rapper Talks Indie Labels & Pop Princesses

A ex-pat, Sean Ray is better known as his alter-ego Snob Scrilla, but he’s not your typical ‘West Coast rapper’. He sits before me with a fuzzy fro, glasses and a plastic ‘Ka-pow!’ knuckleduster, and discusses signing to an indie rock label, not being Akon and working for pop divas.

Ray is a clever pop producer, but as Snob Scrilla his debut album, ‘Day One’, is the outlet to do exactly what he wants. “I do super-cheese pop”, he confesses about his song writing for local diva starlets. “That’s work for me. That’s the equivalent of being a suit, as opposed to the passion for my night job, the Snob Scrilla stuff.”

When he hears Jessica Mauboy singing his song, ‘Running Back’, on the radio, he’s merely satisfied that it fits the formula. When he hears Snob Scrilla’s striding ‘Houston’ on the mainstream stations, “I get all giddy. It’s like, ‘How did I trick them into putting this song on?’”

Even though majors sniffed around the album, Snob took the jump and signed to indie label Ivy League. He’s proud that Ivy League were a little out of their depth with marketing an inventive hip hop project.

He won’t name names, but one major label rep actually proclaimed, “We could really pitch this as the new Akon.” I’m stunned into silence and Snob persists, “No joke, those words really came out of someone’s mouth.”

‘Day One’ is truly a collage of invigorating sounds, piled on top of each other for the best reaction. It’s a hip hop album, but it’s also an electronica album and it’s also a rock album in parts. “You can make any comparison,” he enthuses. “There’s a piano ballad, for God’s sake!”

The album mirrors the near ‘concept identity’ of Snob Scrilla - he can tinker with any sound. “Snob – like ‘no marketing’, ‘no sales point targets’,” he asserts. “Today I was listening to Slash and that’s what I feel like doing. Today that’s what Snob Scrilla is about.”

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