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Interview With Jet

Rockers Talk Hindsight, Iggy Pop and Aussie Rock

It’s hard to believe it’s been over five years since ‘Are You Gonna Be My Girl' blasted the bejesus out of our stereos. Since then, Jet have sold over four million albums worldwide, won numerous awards (including Best Rock video at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards) and topped the charts.

Now, still riding high from the critical acclaim of their latest album ‘Shaka Rock’, which was the first album to be released on Jet's own record label Real Horrorshow Records, the Aussie rockers are basking in the glow of a killer 2009, which included landing the coveted support gig for Green Day’s sold out tour, and collaborating with the legendary Iggy Pop to record a track for a tribute album to Johnny O'Keefe.

Vh1 sat down for a chat with the rockers to talk hindsight, Aussie rock and what’s coming up.

Vh1: What advice would you give yourself if you could go back ten years?

Chris: I probably go back and reassure myself! I wouldn't say that anything we did was a mistake, that's how you learn in life. But I'd go back and reassure myself that everything we were doing was right because back then I was really nervous and thinking about every single decision we made far too much, and worried about the future, and of course it all worked out fine.

We had confidence, but we tended to get it from drugs and stuff in the past, and that's what you do when you're unsure, you confuse yourself even more...

So I'd go back and say relax...

Vh1: Are there any artists in the states that you'd like to collaborate with?

Mark: Collaborating is a weird thing, sometimes it comes up and you have a go, like we did this thing with Iggy Pop, but like you'd say no! But it's not something you dream of or think about a lot I guess.

Chris: It's not something you sit around and think about ''hmm who am I going to collaborate with next?'' If it comes your way, like the Iggy Pop thing, then you take it on its merit and decide whether that’s a good thing for you in that point in time, but really we concentrate on our own music and our own next step.

Vh1: How does Australia's rock culture compare to that of overseas?

Mark: Everywhere is different; it's even different between Melbourne and Sydney. You can't really put a pin on what Australia’s rock culture is in particular.

Chris: It would’ve been easier in the ‘70s for example where there was a no-bullshit aesthetic perhaps. Now the gap has closed around the world because of different mediums such as the internet, the world gets smaller and things that are trendy in New York are suddenly trendy in Sydney, and there's no difference which is disappointing on a level, but it's also interesting because it means that we're not stuck in a musical rut. You don't have to be just a rock band.

Mark: Yeah you can get out of Australia without leaving at the moment with people on the internet, which even a few years ago wasn't possible so it's good for young bands,

Vh1: What’s coming up next?

Mark: 2010 for us will be lots of touring and keeping on keeping on as we do!

Chris: We've got this performance for the Winter Olympics coming up in February, and then the US tour, and European tours, and back to Australia again...

Go behind the scenes with Jet on their new video 'Blackhearts' in below!