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Selena's "Raw" Role

Get Ready to See A Whole New Side Of The Tween Queen!

Looks like Selena Gomez is ready to shake off her squeaky-clean image!

The 19-year-old has just dished about her “raw” new role in the movie ‘Spring Breakers’, and it looks like fans are set to see an edgy, darker side of the starlet they’ve never seen before!

“I’m really, really excited about it,” Selena told MTV News. “It’s a different character than I have ever played before. It’s a different kind of vibe I think than people are used to seeing me in. What you’re going to see is more raw, I think. It’s going to be raw and more about acting.”

The film, which also stars James Franco, Emma Roberts and Vanessa Hudgens, tell the tale of four college girls who rob a restaurant to fund a beach trip with a drug and arms dealer who bails them out of jail and entices them to kill his nemesis.

Emma will play the role of a southern girl who “feeds off danger,” while Selena will be the religious girl who “isn’t a thrill-seeker like the rest of the group,” according to

Spring Breakers is due to start filming in 2012.

Do you think clean living Selena will be able to pull off an edgier acting role? Let us know by commenting below! Meanwhile, see why we can't get enough of JBs missus in the video below...