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EXCLUSIVE: Karmin talk nineties vibes and working with Shaggy on ‘Pulses’

The duo list Missy Elliot, Pharrell and old No Doubt as their inspiration…

Karmin’s Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan have revealed that fans can expect some serious nineties vibes on their upcoming album ‘Pulses’ along with the resurrection of one of our favourite nineties stars – Shaggy!

Karminites have been eager to get their paws on the long-awaited album but the duo themselves are still waiting for that call from their label to let them know exactly when it’s going to drop.

“It’s mostly a record label thing, they’re like ‘We need one more single’ and we’re having a hard time picking that song,” Amy told MTV Australia. “We might be yet to record it, they’re sending us back into the studio next month.”

“There’s like three that everyone really likes,” added Nick, “But L.A Reid wants us to see if we can get one more.”

The pair have taken a trip down memory lane with their inspiration for ‘Pulses,’ injecting the flavour of some of our most loved pre-noughties artists.

“We were listening to a lot of Missy Elliot and Pharrell and old No Doubt when we were recording it and writing it and it definitely rubbed off. It’s got kind of a nineties feel and all the visuals are monochrome. It has a fresh vibe,” insists Amy.

Karmin also revealed that they went and took their inspiration to the next level, by getting nineties chart-topper Shaggy to feature on the record!

“We were thinking about who we can get to feature on the album that would add another element of sound, because we rap and we sing and produce and do a lot of stuff ourselves and [Shaggy’s] voice is just something that we can’t mimic and we couldn’t think of anybody better,” dished Amy, adding that we can expect a few more featured artists as well as production by Martin Johnson of Boys Like Girls and producer Jon Jon Traxx.

For those expecting another album full of Amy’s insane rapping skills, the blonde beauty explained that her partner in crime will be getting more time in the spotlight on ‘Pulses.’

“There’s a lot more of Nick singing on this record, which is great because I felt like it was very Amy-heavy last time. We were just like ‘Oh let’s rap!’ you know. So there’s a little bit less rap I would say.”

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