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'The Voice Australia' Judges’ Talk The Finale!

Who Will Be Crowned Aussie’s Next Biggest Superstar...?

‘The Voice Australia’ finale is less than a week away – and now the famous judges have weighed in on Aussie’s next biggest singing sensation.

Speaking at a media conference in Sydney yesterday, Keith Urban said he was confident about picking Darren Percival for the final show.

“I think there are some hard decisions and there are some really impossible ones…We’ve got some great singers, and then there are singers who, like with Darren, when I hear his voice I know who he is,” the country singer gushed.

Joel Madden also revealed that he put Sarah De Bono through because he’s seen her “star” potential,

“It wasn’t an easy choice for me at all with my entire team.. But at the end of the day I have to make the best decision for who I think could win this show, and that’s the decision I made. . . I think Sarah’s ready to go . . . I’ve seen her become a star.”

Meanwhile, Seal revealed that he “needed” Karise Eden to go through to the finals.

“The person that needed to go through was Karise.. It was pretty impulsive,” the ‘Kiss From A Rose’ singer said.

And Delta Goodrem also revealed why she chose 18 year-old blind singer Rachael Leahcar over Glenn Cunningham.

“I found with Glenn that he kind of got to a point where I go, ‘You don’t need me anymore. I feel like I’ve done what I can with you right here,’ and it felt right for me to go, ‘I still need to go with you, Rachael, we’ve still got a journey that we haven’t finished yet,’” the 27-year old beauty admitted.

The show's finals will be held this Sunday (June 17) and the public will vote for the overall winner, who will be revealed on Monday (June 18).

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Written by Jennifer Fletcher