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Kylie And Madge!

The Divas Are Set For Poptastic Duet…

It’s the news that’s sure to have pop fans everywhere ‘Spinning Around!’

Kylie Minogue
is rumoured to duet with Madonna!

In what would be the ultimate ‘Celebration' of the Aussie icon’s 25-year anniversary in music, the chart Queens are pipped to perform together for the very first time.

According to the Sunday Mirror, the poptastic divas are slated to appear in a one-off special show for British TV station ITV to celebrate the ‘Can’t get You Out Of My Head’ singer’s longtime career.

And from the sounds of it Madge won’t be the only one lucky enough to share a stage with Miss Minogue.

“There will be lots of duets,” a source told the Sunday Mirror.

“The plan so far is for a duet with her sister Dannii, Nick Cave, Jason Donovan and a finale featuring a duet with Madonna.”

The news come just weeks after the former ‘Neighbours’ star gushed about being a “fan” of the original ‘Material Girl.’

"I’m a massive Madonna fan,” she told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“I’ve only met her briefly and we have some friends in common. A message will go back and forwards, she says ‘hi’ or I say ‘hi’. How can you not love Madonna?"

Check out more from Aussie’s favourite pop icon in the video clip below…