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Review: Lana Del Rey At Splendour In The Grass 2012

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Lana Del Rey's own band couldn't wait for what was one of the most anticipated performances at day two of 'Splendour in the Grass 2012'! The four string quartet, electric guitarist and pianist assembled on stage 15 minutes early in front an already buzzing crowd waiting almost nervously to see whether the songstress would live up to the hysteria.

After asking to meet Aussie actor Chris Lilley who was attending the festival in person, Lana Del Rey was greeted by a packed audience of adoring fans at the GW McLennan tent.

The delicate starlet was escorted onto the stage in a wedding like parade, wearing a mini white backless dress with fitted top, white belt and bubble skirt.

There is an unassuming manner about Lana, and she definitely has that rare star quality, with every detail of her outfit oozing femininity. Complete with mini veil and flowers, bloomers with lace trim, her bare legs and perfect skin soaked up the low lights of the stage as she mesmerised the crowd.

Wearing her trademark long, long nails, heavy eyeliner and defined brows, Del Rey is even more beautiful in person. A simple diamond bracelet and blue stone on her engagement finger decorated her left hand, wearing nude sandal wedges she effortlessly floated around the stage.

Needing no introduction the singer couldn't hold back her overwhelmed expression, smiling as the intro for 'Blue Jeans' played and the audience roared their adoration.

As images from the music video played in the background, Lana was full of confidence. Barely on the stage for two minutes, she floated down to the front of the stage touching and singing to fans, stepping up onto the barrier as if she was going to crowd surf.

"I had to come down and see me people," she softly said.

"I'm so glad to be here."

Launching into her new track 'Body Electric', a sombre mood filled the air as she dropped to her knees, like she was pouring out her aching heart.

Checking if the crowd were doing OK, she went onto her favourite 'Born To Die', with the crowd singing along to a slow a cappella version of her hit song.

Stripping the sound right back to just her voice and the grand piano for 'Summertime Sadness', she casually smoked a cigarette between songs, holding her fragile yet powerful presence the whole time.

Every phone and camera was in the air as Lana performed her breakthrough first single 'Video Games', the full house singing along to every word cooing the lyrics "it's you it's you, it's all for you."

If the few punters who left after this song to head to the other stages where 360 was also performing or to get a spot at the Supertop for headliners Bloc Party's set a little later on, if this deterred Lana she didn't show it.

Pushing through the rest of her debut album 'Born to Die', she finished her stellar set strongly with 'National Anthem'.

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Written by Joshua Duncan and Elise Vout