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Metallica’s Secret Project!

The Rockers Reveal Details Of New Recording…

Metallica fans listen up! The heavy rockers have revealed plans to work on a new project and are aiming to finish it after just two weeks!

According to Rolling Stone magazine, lead guitarist Kirk Hammet has said,

“It’s not really 100 per cent a Metallica record. It’s more a recording project than a bona fide Metallica. Whether or not we can pull it off in just two weeks remains to be seen.”

The metal giants have just finished their ‘World Magnetic’ tour, and their last album ‘Death Magnetic’ was in released back in 2008.

Drummer Lars Ulrich told Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet last week,

“There’s a really good vibe in the band.. In the past, we would be fed up with Metallica whenever we returned home after a gigantic world tour, but this time it’s different.”

In the past the members of Metallica clashed both professionally and personally, as documented in the 2004 film ‘Some Kind Of Monster’. But Ulrich says that things are different now,

“We found solutions to the problems that we’ve had instead of letting internal squabbles destroy the band.”

The band has already released nine studio albums and three live albums. They’re expected to start their new project in May.

Let’s hope you can get it done in two weeks boys! Even if it seems ‘Stone Cold Crazy!’

In the meantime, check out the rock legends in the clip below..