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Liam Hemsworth Snapped Kissing Teresa Palmer!

The Aussie Stars Cosy Up In New Flick ‘Love And Honor’

Watch out Miley Cyrus!

Handsome heartthrob Liam Hemsworth has been caught pashing fellow Aussie Teresa Palmer!

But, fortunately for his teen Queen fiancée, the pairs’ steamy embrace is all in the name of acting.

New snaps of Liam and Teresa have emerged online, showing them getting up close and VERY personal for their upcoming flick ‘Love and Honor.’

According to the Daily Mail, the movie, which is due to hit cinemas this year, sees their characters strip down for a bunch of pretty racy scenes!

In one still from the rom-com, ‘The Hunger Games’ hunk is laying shirtless next to the stunning blonde, who’s decked out in lacy white underwear.

And while we reckon Liam looks good enough to eat without his clothes on – according to Women’s Wear Daily the former ‘Home and Away’ hottie is planning to launch his own clothing line.

Written by Sophie Barnett