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Liam Hemsworth’s Ex Speaks Out!

“It Hurts,” Says Laura Griffin Of His Engagement To Miley Cyrus...

Miley Cyrus may feel like all her “dreams are coming true” after Liam Hemsworth popped the question – but his ex isn’t quite so thrilled to hear the news...

Laura Griffin, who reportedly dated the Aussie heartthrob BEFORE he fell in love with the ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ singer, told Celebuzz of their engagement,

"Hearing your high school sweetheart, who is the same age as you, is getting married is a shock.

"Of course it hurts seeing someone I spent so many years with moving on, especially when I learned from the media."

Melbourne-born Laura dated ‘The Hunger Games’ actor for six years - but the pair split when Liam left Oz for the States to star alongside his bride-to-be in ‘The Last Song.’

“We were together when he left for America to film ‘The Last Song’ and we broke up after a few months of him being over there," she added.

"Liam never cheated on me - that was what was portrayed in the media - but he had ended things with me when Miley and him began dating."

Written by Sophie Barnett