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Bam Margera Didn't Overdose

'Nitro Circus' star just dehydrated...

Bam Margera seems to be reliving his wild ‘Jackass’ days with some indulgent bad behaviour.

Yesterday, the internet was alight with reports that the ‘Viva La Bam’ star was taken to hospital suffering from drug overdose.

But for the first time ever in celebrity history, Bam’s suspected ‘overdose’ was a legitimate case of dehydration.

His mother April put in a call to a local radio station to set the record straight, citing lack of fluids as the reason for the 911 call and subsequent ambulance ride.

According to, Margera was on the tail end of a four day boozy bender when things started going pear-shaped. His wife put a call into emergency services fearing he'd taken a sedative, but it turns out the star’s kidneys and muscles were damaged from being under nourished and dehydrated. Bam evidently isn’t familiar with the 2am kebab smash..

Bam’s mumma also said that he had sustained a few minor injuries while filming his new show, ‘Nitro Circus’, and that sometimes he just ‘forgets to take care of himself’.

The ambulance took him from his home in West Chester, Pennsylvania at about 1:30pm yesterday. Bam has since returned home after getting the green light from a psychiatrist and claims he's in "good health."

Lay off the booze Bam!

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