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Brand new MTV reality show 'Beauty School Cop Outs' coming soon!

Expect self-confessed Barbies and drag queens…

Thought the world’s supply of spray tan was officially used up by the Geordies? You were wrong.

Turns out a bunch of self-confessed Barbies, outspoken MILFs and fat-phobics have been stockpiling it in preparation for MTV’s latest show,'Beauty School Cop Outs'.

Kicking off on Wednesday October 30 on MTV, the new series follows eight appearance-obsessed kids as they attempt to kick start their beauty careers.

Under the guidance of beauty experts, the cast will experiment with waxing, shaving and tattooing – on real customers – at a plush Manchester salon.

If that’s not enough to entice your cravings for dramatic reality TV, just wait ‘til you meet the crew…

There’s Calvin (the Beyonce-obsessed drag queen with hopes of passing on the ‘drag legacy), Daniel (fat-phobic and all round protein enthusiast), Irish model Jeremy (who states ‘looking good’ as his top priority in life), and Richard (who believes his body is God’s gift to women).

And that’s only the boys.

Meet Tara (the MILF with shaky hands), Scarlett (who has a significant dislike for all things ‘natural’), Savannah (the self-confessed Barbie with her make-up tattooed on), and baby barmaid Sacha (who glams herself up with a never-ending supply of wigs).

Can’t wait for all the hair-pulling greatness to begin? Get tweeting @MTVBeautySchool.

Stay tuned for more info!

— Alyce Wearne

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