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Catfish: The TV Show creators dish on series one!

Nev Schulman and Max Joseph give us the inside scoop on their new MTV show...

In the digital age, it’s becoming increasingly common for couples to find love online, establishing relationships with each other before even meeting in real life, but as Nev Schulman discovered, some people aren’t always what they seem...

The New Yorker, whose journey of love and lies was detailed in the 2010 documentary flick ‘Catfish,’ received world-wide acclaim for his somewhat accidental doco-thriller, along with an email inbox full of stories similar to his own. After realising that his wasn’t an isolated incident, Nev decided to embark on ‘Catfish: The TV Show.’

The new MTV series, which premieres tonight at 10pm, follows Nev and his filmmaking pal Max Joseph as they seek to bring together couples who’ve interacted solely through their computer screens, with each episode featuring a new hopeful romantic partner on their emotional journey to discover the truth about their significant other.

Female First spoke to Max and Nev to get their take on the Catfish phenomenon and what viewers can expect from the first season of the show.

“Everyone was shocked and surprised at this story that was stranger than fiction was actually true and that someone, somewhere had to have made it up,” said Max of Nev’s own Catfish journey, documented in the original film.

“One thing that became evident to the filmmakers, as soon as the movie started playing was that this was not an isolated event. This happened all the time to thousands and thousands of people. Emails that Nev gets, and now the emails that I get, are a testament to this phenomenon that is happening all over the place.”

Speaking of the TV series, Nev explained, “Part of what makes the show exciting and different for us is that we know nothing going into each episode.”

“What you see us doing on camera, we’re doing for the first time.”

“The production side of the show does a really good job of finding the people who need help the most and who is the most serious and dedicated to seeing this process through from start to finish,” continued Nev.

“They go through my emails and applications from people who are looking to connect with their online loves. We intentionally stay out of the selection process because it allows us to be as authentic as possible.”

“Since the show started airing I’ve had about 10,000 emails and they come in constantly. It’s a big job and the production team deserve a lot of credit,” he added.

And it looks like the show has even captured the attention of some of entertainment’s elite, with Nev revealing he recently got a surprise new Twitter follower!

“As of last night, Justin Bieber is now following me on Twitter, so that’s an indication of the success of the show,” dished Schulman.

Check out ‘Catfish: The TV Show’ for yourself as it kicks off tonight @ 10pm on MTV!

Written by Lucy Slight

Watch a sneak peak of ‘Catfish: The TV Show’ in the clip below!