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Check Out 'Meme, Myself And I'

Thomas Mai Launches ‘Meowbook’ - The Latest Online Social Network For Cats...

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The Boosted Inspiration series has searched the globe, to document the big ideas that spread, and the amazing people that create them.

The documentary ‘Meme, Myself & I’ will follow three social entrepreneurs who are the inventors of memes such as ‘Cat Framing’ and ‘Lamping’.

“To start a meme, you’ve got to do what you love” says Thomas Mai, a Danish film distributor who is more than just passionate about cats.

His work and appreciation for all things cats has included the ‘Cat’a’logue’, which collates his cat related content in blog form. This in turn has lead to his creation of the social networking site ‘MeowBook’ which acts as a platform for cats to communicate and interact.

Through the series we’ll follow Thomas, Eric Pumphrey and Mikey Cavino, and witness the trials and tribulations involved in trying to spark an online sensation - from ‘Slating’ your everyday activities with Eric in LA, to showing the world your true feelings with Mikey ‘Big Heading’ around New York!

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