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Dangerous Interview: Pt-2

The SA Cock-Rockers Are Giving 'The Hills' A Run For Its Money!

Following an explosive performance on MTVs The Lair in 2008, unsigned South Australian band Dangerous have been on a mission to bring cock-rock back with a vengeance - pumping out some mad music and playing killer gigs while a on a crazy tour of the Australian east-coast.

Band members Tommy, Nev, Jarred and Nicky documented their riotous road trip for creating the seven episode series ’Diary of Dangerous’. The show has proven to be a massive if not unexpected hit, while the bands music download numbers are in the tens of thousands and Myspace page has attracted over half a million hits.

MTV: What has been some of the highlights of your recent tour around the country?
Filming for was definitely a highlight, it was fun to have a camera there for the first time. It's always fun to capture exciting things.

MTV: What do you think of the success of the Diary of Dangerous? – Your numbers are right up there with ‘The Hills’ !
I guess it’s done well, but we didn’t really know what to expect. It’s good to see that people are interested in it. I think alot of people just like to see what happens on tour cause their stuck in their job and it’s a little escape to jump on the net and check out what we have been up to.

MTV: What do your friends and family in SA think of it all?
(long pause) I don’t think they watch it... I hope not! Haha My parents are pretty cool I guess they would be proud... I think??

MTV: Is the Diary a pretty accurate reflection of who you all are or is there another side to Dangerous that we don’t see?
Nah it’s not the whole story were just having fun on tour and stuff like that. That’s the side you see and that’s about it and that’s cool. We don’t really feel the need to show people what we put into the band. We always put in 100% to the band behind the scenes but we don’t mind people just seeing the fun side.

MTV: We hear you’ve been getting a lot of interest from labels. Can you tell us a bit about that?
Over the last couple of months we have definitely had interest for labels and over the next few weeks we will be taking a few companies so that’s really excited and were definitely pumped to see what comes from that.

MTV: You’re bringing cock-rock back to the youth of Australia – Do you think the charts are ready for you?
I don’t think the charts will ever be ready!

MTV: What can we expect next from Dangerous?
Over November and December we are touring our release our CD that’s coming out in November so they are basically just all club shows and stuff like that. Its going to be the craziest tour of all so I would recommend that every body comes along and see us play cause its going to be fucking awesome and i would love to meet everyone out on the road so I look forward to it. We are also working on a video clip with MTV so you can expect good things from Dangerous we are working really hard at the moment.

Well we certainly aren't done with these guys - watch this space for more on Dangerous or head to

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