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Gorillaz vs Blur

Five Year Hiatus Heralds New Release

As long as Damon Albarn isn't too distracted by Blur's touring schedule, the new Gorillaz album could be here in 2010 – just in time to have grabs used for the next Olympic Games coverage.

Speaking with the British media, the manager of both Blur and Gorillaz, Chris Morrison, stated Albarn had plenty of material ready to go. “He’s got a plethora of tracks at the moment,” Morrison told the BBC. “Whether they all make the light of day or get refined and come down to a normal amount, you get on a record of 10 to 15 tracks, I can't tell at this point in time. It’s far too early in the stage of what we are doing”.

Morrison went on to say there was no firm release date, but he hoped to see something within the next year. “The plan for the new Gorillaz album is, we’ll wait until Damon’s finished recording it. The thing is, it’s formulating at the moment and it’s going to be out in about a year’s time. I hope. I’m probably pre-empting something I’ll get shouted at for!”

The only potential hiccup with all this is Blur's touring schedule. The group recently got back together after a seven-year hiatus and have secured a number of high profile festival shows. If the festival headliners turn into a full-blown world tour (as many are hoping), it would certainly delay a new Gorillaz album.