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Heidi Montag Talks Motherhood!

The ‘Hills’ Star Spills On Babies, Kristin Cavallari and Reuniting With Her Family...

Heidi Montag recently celebrated her three year wedding anniversary with her ‘Hills’ co-star hubby Spencer Pratt – and now are babies next for the reality TV couple?

Well, not quite yet, but that certainly hasn’t stopped the wannabe popstar from going all gaga over her ex cast-mate Kristin Cavallari’s pregnancy!

"Kristin's in a perfect place in her life and in my life, I'm not ready," Heidi told US Magazine.

“I think she’s gonna be the best mother ever.”

And talking of mothers, the busty blonde has also opened up about her reunion with her own mum, Darlene Egelhoff.

The pair publicly came to blows following the 25-year-old’s ten plastic surgery procedures back in 2009, but they finally appear to have put any bad feelings behind them.

“I finally just had the chance to catch up with her," Heidi added.

"I'm all about forgiveness...Family's very important and I think life is just too short."

Written by Sophie Barnett

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