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Interview: Chris Pontius

We Talk To Party Boy About 3D Weiners And Rashes

Type ‘Chris Pontius Naked’ into Google and a whole smorgasbord of odd and libelous suggestions appear – and while that might spell professional catastrophe for any other Hollywood star, for the ‘Jackass’ Party Boy, it’s all part of the job!

But Chris hasn’t made his fame and fortune entirely from attempting crazy stunts in a bow tie and g-string – there’s also his exploits as one half of ‘Wildboyz’ with fellow ‘Jackass’ alum Steve-O, which sees the pair getting up close and personal with a variety of deadly creatures from around the world.

While sitting on a porcupine or drinking horse semen may not be everyone’s idea of a fun time, there’s little doubt that Chris has turned getting his kit off and messing with dangerous animals into a finely-honed and very lucrative craft!

In Australia to promote ‘Jackass 3D’, we talk to Chris Pontius about the 'science' of 'Jackass', rashes and the day a polar bear nearly axed him.

MTV: Hey Chris, welcome back to Australia! You were here not that long ago with Wildboyz…

Chris: Yeah we’ve been here twice so far. We came here once, then went to New Zealand and then came back to shoot some more stuff. The Australian guys came with us to NZ, and mentioned all these spots we should go to, and it was really handy to have local knowledge. From there on in anywhere we went we filmed with local crew.

MTV: So what’s the standout memory from New Zealand? There aren’t that many dangerous animals there….

Chris: Errrrr.. a lot of people stuff. I can’t really remember (laughs) there was like, a lot of scenery; we had costumes and stuff…

MTV: The third Jackass movie is 3D – did that alter the way you shot some of your stunts?

Chris: First we thought it was going to take away the spontaneity, but the crew worked it out. This technology is being invented as it goes along, and we realised we could turn the footage of the little cameras into 3D. The normal 3D camera is massive, so that was our main concern, not losing the spontaneity.

Then we had this thing called the Phantom Camera which is like 1000 frames per second, so we had this guy make a 3D Phantom Camera, and it was the first one ever made, it was like $1 million. And the first thing we filmed was me naked, batting the ball with my wiener (laughs).

MTV: Was there much stuff cut from the movie that you wish wasn’t?

Chris: Yeah there is a whole other movie of footage. It’s going to be straight to DVD it’s called Jackass 3.5. There’s a ratio between gross and pranks and stunts. That’s the science behind it. So there was lots of stuff that was debatable, there was so much arguing and many unresolved arguments [about what went in].

MTV: So what’s the ratio that you guys try and follow?

Perfect thirds –one third gross, one third pranks and then stunts…

MTV: And what do you enjoy best?

Chris: I kinda like it all. Whatever… You really know if you should do something. They like me to narrate. Because when you’re doing something scary, it’s hard to think of something funny to say for the most part. It’s kind of become like a band you know, if everyone’s doing the same thing, it won’t be as good. It’s better if we all have positions. So I know what I’m supposed to do.

MTV: Have you ever said no to getting naked?

Chris: Yeah sometimes. But I have good excuses.

MTV: Like what?

Chris: Like I tell them I had a rash or something (laughs) even if I didn’t. But this one time I really did have a rash, it’s a horrible story.

We were in India with these people called Agoras, they're like cannibals. We went to meet them, and they’re like this weird sect you know? And they rub human ashes all over themselves, and they’re like, get naked! And we’re like, ok. And they start rubbing these ashes all over us, and this guy starts rubbing it on my %$Y* and everything, and I’m like woah!

And then a week later we were in Indonesia and I got a really bad rash and I was walking funny and the crew were like, come on Chris, what’s wrong with you?! And I think it was more from the heat and walking through swamps and stuff, but ever since that day whenever I’ve said I’ve got rash they’ve believed me because that was knarly (laughs).

And then at the time I had a girlfriend, and when I got back it was going to look like I’d been in a whore house! Ha ha.

MTV: Some of our Facebook fans want to know will there be a 'Jackass 4'?

Chris: If enough people ask us enough, and we get bored, and we lose all our money (laughs) No no! We don’t do it for the money. But we’ll know when it’s time to do it for sure. And as long as there’s no one else to take our place. Because we’re too old to be doing it in the first place, (laughs) like, we always want to leave on a high note. But if the world seems like it needs it, then we’ll do it. And then regular movies sometimes.

MTV: Will you do another 'Wildboyz? '

Chris: If we do 'Wildboyz' again, we’ll do a 'Wildboyz' movie. But that all depends on Steve-o. It’d be really exciting. We’d go away for a year. I hope we do.

MTV: It'd be cool if you guys went to the North Pole and messed with Polar Bears this time…

Chris: Man, a polar bear almost grabbed me once. They f**k with you, they trick you. They look at you in the eyes, then they try and snatch you. I barely got away. I didn’t even know how I did it. It must have been reflexes, and my reflexes should’ve been pretty dull. It was like first thing in the morning, and I didn’t have a clear head. They’re pretty cute. I saw them swimming. It’s beautiful. That’s how I am about nature. I don’t really look at things in a scary way. Except some things.

Jackass 3D is out on DVD now…

What do you think? Would you like to see Chris do a Wildboyz movie? Let us know by commenting below!

In the meantime, check out the 'making of' Jackass 3D in the video below...