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MTV Meets Gaz And Charlotte Down Under…

What better way to celebrate MTV’s hottest new show ‘Geordie Shore’ than by getting up close and personal with two of its biggest stars!

Here in Oz for the very first time, wild partners in crime Gaz and Charlotte have brought their tantastic bods, party-loving antics and non-stop drama all the way from North England’s Newcastle!

Ahead of their crazy descent on MTV Snow Jam’s VIP bash in Melbourne this week, we were desperate to get the low-down on the gang’s outrageous behaviour in the series that’s guaranteed to have you glued to your screens!

So, MTV Australia met gorgeous Gaz -who claims to have a manhood the size of a TV remote - and lovable limelight grabbing Charlotte - who would NEVER kiss anyone without a six-pack - to talk hooking-up, showbiz crushes, and spin-off shows!

MTV: Welcome to Oz guys! So there’s just one more day til MTV Snow Jam – are you super excited?

Charlotte: I think Snow Jam will be the best thing we’ve ever done! We’ve never done anything like that. I think it’ll be amazing!

Gaz: I think meeting Audrina...that’s going to be hot..she’s massive!

Charlotte: And Lil Jon, you keep on forgetting about Lil Jon!

Gaz: To launch a show with Audrina though, that’s pretty big. You know maybe six months ago to be on a building site or in a call centre and now you’re launching a show with Audrina, that’s pretty big for me.

MTV: ‘Geordie Shore’
viewers have already seen things heat up between you both on-screen – what can we expect from your relationship throughout the season?

Gaz: On-off, on-off, on-off.

Charlotte: Viewers can expect Gary to be a massive prick, and you’ll see that and you’ll see exactly why and you’ll be shocked.

Gaz: But I do tell her from the start what it is.

Charlotte: No, no it’s nothing to do with that, it’s to do with the promise that we had, it's nothing to do with you telling us how it is, you still promised something.

Gaz: We do our own thing for the show, but imagine I’m in a club with a girl, she might be with a lad, then all of a sudden we get back together. But at the end I did do something that’s, like, harsh…

MTV: From your personal experience – do you think it’s possible to have a relationship at the ‘Geordie Shore’

Charlotte: No.

Gaz: No, in a relationship normally you meet someone, go for some food, see them once or twice a week, then more and more and more. But in that environment you move in first, so you live with them to start off with, then you get to know them, then the arguments come and you can’t escape each other. You wake up in the morning and they’re there even if you don’t want them to be, so it’s impossible.

MTV: Tell us one thing about each other that viewers would be surprised to know…

Charlotte: I think the viewers know everything!

MTV: So we all know you can’t get enough of fellow Geordies – but how do you rate Aussies?

Charlotte: Mint, they’re beautiful, they’re so friendly.

Gaz: Very fit. Everyone’s like so into their fitness. Everyone’s at the beach at like six in the morning, running in Speedos, there’s open gyms, everyone’s surfing. I think all the girls really look after themselves.

MTV: Charlotte, we hear you have a bit of a crush on ‘Jersey Shore’s Pauly D…

Charlotte: I changed my mind, it’s Vinny now. He’s just pretty sexy isn’t he? But they’re both sexy…do you know what I’ll have them both! I fancy them both at the same time. I’ll see who wants to kiss us and then I’ll just go with the flow.

MTV: How about you Gaz? Any ‘Jersey Shore' ladies take your fancy?

Gaz: I’d get with either Sammi or JWoww, definitely those two.

Charlotte: People say I look like Sammi…

Gaz: I’ll go with JWoww then!

MTV: Snooki, JWoww and Pauly D have bagged spin-off shows – if you could have one too, what would it be?

Charlotte: Right, mine would be Charlotte-Letitia Crosby travels the sea. I would be with the whales and the dolphins and the sharks. And you know in those cages that go down and you feed the sharks. Mine would be like Charlotte’s sea life discovery coz I love under-the-sea animals, they’re amazing. I’m a little bit scared of them sometimes though.

Gary hasn’t really got one coz he hasn’t got much of an imagination. Oh no, it would be porn. Gary’s would be porn.

Gaz: No, I’d be like ‘Hitch.’ I would like to get lads who struggle to pull and then help them.

Charlotte: Why? That doesn’t help them.

Gaz: Imagine a lad with no confidence, he meets a girl, he gets her number but he doesn’t know what to text her for that first message, doesn’t know what to do, I’d like to help them get on that date. Gary the Hitch.

MTV: After becoming reality stars, what’s next?

Charlotte: I just want to keep on doing ‘Geordie Shore’– series 2,3,4,5,6,7. And I would love to meet with the ‘Jersey Shore' crew, put us both together.

Gaz: I would love their last series and our, say, series four to be ‘Geordie Shore’ meets ‘Jersey Shore. I think that would be the most watched reality TV show ever.

Charlotte: It would be through the roof.

Gaz: It would be insane. In one massive big house, just everyone running wild.

MTV: If you could invite one celeb into the ‘Geordie Shore’ house who would it be?

Charlotte: Channing Tatum – he is so sexy!

Gaz: Stifler [from ‘American Pie’]. He’d be insane to have in the house! Constantly partying and constantly pulling birds I think. Girl wise, it would be Jessica Alba.

MTV: And, lastly, would you do anything differently for Season 2?

Charlotte: Not get with Gary coz he made us look like a mug.

Gaz: I’d just be exactly the same. It’s so real the program anyway, it’s not like you’re acting and there’s a script. You just live in the house, you forget the cameras are there. The lads are there, you’re having a good time with the lads, the girls are there, you go on nights out. It’s just like going back home. If all eight were back in the house you’d be like, ‘oh we’re back.’ Things just happen, it’s like normal life really, so whatever happens happens.

Don’t miss ‘Geordie Shore’ next Tuesday (July 19) @ 8.30pm (AEST) - followed by our local special ‘Geordie Shore Down Under’ on MTV Australia!

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