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The Aussie Idol Proves He Can't Be Broken

Following the huge success of his killer debut single ‘Black Box,’ Stan Walker is back with his hot new single ‘Unbroken’ and a hot new look to go with it.

The Melbourne-born hunk, who won the seventh ‘Australian Idol,’ is now on route to be even bigger than his very own idol, Guy Sebastian.

Covering up his newly-grown afro with his favourite beanie hat, the super smiley singer met with MTV to talk collaborating with Beyoncé , touring Down Under, and overnight fame.

MTV: So Stan, tell us about your new single ‘Unbroken’

Stan: It was written and produced by Ryan Tedder, he’s the lead singer of OneRepublic. He did Apologize, Halo, Kelly Clarkson’s Already Gone, Tattoo, and he’s the man behind Unbroken.

The song is so amazing. When I first heard the song I was like this is a beat song and then I read the lyrics and that’s what won me over because it talks about my life, being nothing and being in pieces, but then becoming unbroken.

MTV: You’ve already worked with Guy Sebastian. Who else would you like to collaborate with?

Stan: I want to work with a lot of people, Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, John Legend, Mario, and Usher.

MTV: We hear you’re a HUGE Beyoncé fan…

Stan: She’s musically why I do what I do. She’s an inspiration, she’s incredible. I just love her.

MTV: So what are the main ways your life has changed since becoming famous?

Stan: Wow, in so many ways. I’m travelling heaps, living in another place. Everything, just everything.

MTV: You’re living in Sydney right now. Will you be touring here soon?

Stan: I’m just working on my album at the moment. I’ve almost finished it and I’m aiming to bring it out in July or August. Then we’ll do a tour on the back of the release of the album in Australia and New Zealand.

MTV: You’re very open about your Christian beliefs. In what way have they influenced your music?

Stan: It’s everything, because what I believe is what I show, if I'm going to write a song about girls I don’t want to do it in a way where I’m downgrading a girl.
It’s something kids can sing to without being rude or downgrading to women. I just try to show everything I represent and I represent God so I want to put that in my music.

MTV: Lastly, Usher recently revealed he thought TV talent shows were “killing” the music industry. What would you say back to that?

Stan: I guess in some ways it could be true, and in some ways you’ve got to just look at the results, Jessica Mauboy and Ricki-Lee Coulter.

Get your hands on Stan’s new single ‘Unbroken,’ out now!

Check out Stan's smash-hit 'Black Box' in the video below.

Stan Walker - Black Box