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‘Clap Your Hands’ For The Aussie Songstress…

She may not be a big fan of the fame and attention that comes hand-in-hand with being a worldwide singing sensation – but there’s no denying Sia Furler was born to be a star.

Performing an exclusive acoustic set for ‘MTV’s Live Sessions,’ the songbird showed off the kind of raw, stripped back talent that most popstars could only dream about.

And while 2010 may have been the year she bagged three ARIA Awards and conquered the charts with arguably the best album of her career, ‘We Are Born’ – 2011 looks set to bring something totally different.

After wrapping her breath-taking performance for ‘MTV Live Sessions’ we sat down for a chat with Sia to talk working with Beyoncé, having babies, and her secret obsession with Die Antwoord!

MTV: So Sia, tell us what exciting things you’ve got coming up this year…

Sia: Relaxing, that’s very exciting! Staying in, not travelling, except for between New York and Los Angeles, hanging out with my dogs, and writing pop songs for other artists.

MTV: Anyone you can tell us about?

Sia: I’m pitching songs to Leona Lewis, to B.o.B, to Beyoncé, Janelle Monáe, and a few randoms. I’m actually going in with a bunch of producers, like really amazing producers who I’ve wanted to work with for years, like Rodney Jerkins and Jukebox.

MTV: We hear that you’re a MASSIVE Beyoncé fan…

Sia: She is my Queen, I love her so much! It’s kind of weird because I’m friends with her sister, Solange, but I’m not really an opportunist person, so I’ve never mentioned it to her. So I’ve been trying to work out how I could pitch songs to her or how I could write with her, but without ever utilizing my friendship with Solange.

So I just said to all the producers, writers, everyone, help me make this happen and then Diplo emailed me and said, 'where are you in the world right now would you be interested in flying to New York, I’m writing with Beyoncé,' and I was like, ‘Yesss!’ But I couldn’t do it because I had to do the Big Day Out, but now it’s kind of happening, and I’m actually pitching songs to her.

MTV: For her upcoming album?

Sia: Well, there’s only one song left for this album, so I probably won’t get on this album, but hopefully the next one . That’s my dream, that’s my goal.

MTV: And how about as you, the artist, can fans expect another album?

Sia: I’m over it, I’m really over being me the product, I’d like to be me the person for a while, so I might put out another CD, but it won’t be for a while, like at least a couple of years, three maybe. I want to have a baby too, I’m 35, so I want to have a baby, maybe five of them and then I’ll probably put out an album of rejects, songs that don’t get picked up by popstars and throw something together and release that.

MTV: So you prefer songwriting than being Sia the artist?

Sia: My income is better as a songwriter, I mean its equal, but its almost a better job for me because its less stress and pressure, and I think if the income still happens then I can just give away music on Twitter, I can just upload a track a week or something, just for the hardcore fans who want some more.

MTV: You’ve just finished the ‘Big Day Out’ tour – any backstage goss you can tell us?

Sia: I’m just completely obsessed with Die Antwoord. I just want to be near them, so I shouted at them in the food hall, ‘Love you!’ every time they walked past, and the girl is clearly shy because she never made eye contact, but the guy was always like, ‘um, thanks!’

Check out Sia’s amazing performance for ‘MTV Live Sessions’ in the video clip below…

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