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Jeremy Renner For 50 Shades Of Grey?

EXCLUSIVE! 'The Bourne Legacy’ Hero Talks Steaming Up The Big Screen…

‘The Bourne Legacy’ may see him tackle impressive fight scenes, motorbike stunts and ice-cold temperatures – but could Jeremy Renner be ready for a whole different type of on-screen action?

When quizzed about whether he’d consider starring in the film version of erotic novel series ’50 Shades Of Grey,’ he told MTV Australia,

“Perhaps…50 Shades of Grey, I’ve heard of that book. I’ve not read it, there’s no script yet right? I don’t know…it’s a long way away.”

And while he would face some stiff competition from Hollywood hunks like Channing Tatum and ‘True Blood’ hottie Alexander Skarsgard for a part in the steamy adaption – he’s in a league of his own when it comes to his latest movie.

Despite taking the place of Matt Damon in the fourth film in the ‘Bourne’ franchise, he told us he’s NOT feeling any pressure to live up to his famous predecessor.

“There’s no shoes to fill,” he told us last night on the red carpet for 'The Bourne Legacy' Australian premiere at Sydney’s State Theatre.

“I was headed to do a job and whether it's 10 days or 100 days on a movie it’s the same amount of preparation, to do the best you can do everyday.”

And fortunately for the screen pin-up, his movie buddy and ‘Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol’ co-star Tom Cruise was on hand with some handy advice for conquering the ambitious stunts.

“Don’t get hurt!” Jeremy told us of Tom’s words of wisdom.

‘The Bourne Legacy’ hits cinemas across Australia August 16!

Written by Sophie Barnett